I schedule appointments between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm on Tuesdays – Fridays. Please contact me by email ( or phone (512.200.3604) for a free initial consultation prior to scheduling.


Initial evaluation sessions, $250: These sessions are scheduled to be longer than regular therapy or consultation sessions to allow for a more thorough assessment of child and family challenges, resources, and goals.

During an initial evaluation session for therapy, I meet with parent(s) and child to learn more about difficulties the child or family is experiencing and goals for therapy. For parents seeking consultation or parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT), the initial session is with the parent(s) only. Initial evaluation sessions include use of one or more assessment tools by to provide additional information about social, emotional, and/or behavioral challenges and to aid in diagnostic evaluation. At the end of this session, I collaborate with parents and clients to develop a preliminary treatment plan that guides future work together. In addition, after the session, I draft a short treatment plan that summarizes our plan for working together.

Therapy or parent consultation session, $175: During 50-minute therapy or consultation sessions, clients and parents work on identified goals using active and engaging evidence-based strategies, with carefully tailored practice activities assigned between sessions to encourage growth and progress. I use brief assessment tools, such as a short parent rating scale or symptom checklist, to monitor progress and ensure that therapy is working well for clients and families. These weekly checks on progress make it easy for clients and family to observe progress over time and allow for “course correction” if needed.

Psychological Assessment, $175/hour: Assessment hours vary based on the referral questions and types of measures used. A comprehensive assessment typically involves 15-20 hours of my time. Briefer or more “targeted” assessments may be appropriate for some assessment questions. All testing, scoring, interpretation, feedback, and report writing are completed by me and not a diagnostician. I can provide a fee estimate based on your concerns after a phone consultation, which I can then confirm after the initial parent session.

Sydney’s fees are $150 for the initial session and $100/hour for therapy.