I am a doctoral student in the School Psychology program at the University of Texas at Austin interested in family systems, internalizing concerns (e.g., anxiety), and prevention-focused mental health.

Prior to beginning my doctoral training in Austin, I earned my master’s degree and specialist certificate in School Psychology at the University of Minnesota. I am a nationally certified school psychologist and have supported children, families, and teachers across early childhood, elementary, and secondary educational settings. I am excited to continue my work with children and their families in a private practice setting, as I feel that the ongoing collaboration between mental health providers and caregivers is a key ingredient to providing culturally responsive, high-quality care.

In addition to my professional interests, I enjoy spending my time at the ice rink. Growing up in Wisconsin, I was a competitive figure skater, and coached in my free time as a graduate student when I lived in Minnesota. As someone who has recently moved to warm, sunny Texas, I also love being outside and exploring all of the food options that Austin has to offer.

Julia Hoke Child Adolescent Parent Interaction Therapy